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About the Guys of Fling-Site.com

We’re a bit older now, and a little wiser, but we all started using fling sites for casual dating online when we were about 18 years old. We didn’t know anything about how these sites would try to rook you into paying for premium membership by trying to convince you that you were talking to a real woman online who was interested in hooking up with you, but it was just a chatbot or an employee of the site. We basically got screwed out of fifty bucks.

Now, it sucks for the industry that things like this happen because it discourages guys from signing up for these sites, but they really do provide a good time, and are a good investment if you’re interested in casual sex sites or fling dating.

So we wanted to create a step by step guide to seeking out the best fling sites online and then actually interacting with these girls and hooking up with them. It’s the kind of thing we wish we had when we were younger guys just entering the scene. That, and it allowed us to test the sites and hook up with various hot girls from around our area. We figured that was a win-win for everyone.

So the first step was to create a list of fling site reviews that would help you navigate that world in find which sites were legitimate dating services and which sites were complete scams. We developed a method to test each site that involved using the site for a four month period. We sent out the same number of emails on every site and then waited for the replies. We cataloged how many replies we got, and then we tried to set up dates with the girls. If they showed up for the date then we knew that the members were real women and the site was not just a collection of sock puppet accounts trying to catfish you into paying for a worthless membership. If we hooked up with the girl we recorded it too, though, as far as we’re concerned, as long as the girl showed up we felt like the site had delivered the service it intended to deliver. If we couldn’t close the deal, or you can’t close the deal, then that’s not the site’s fault. It may not even be your fault. Women choose to sleep with guys or not sleep with guys for all kinds of mysterious reasons and we’ve learned over the years not to take it personally when they don’t want to hook up. It could just as easily be their mood than anything having to do with you.

So, to summarize, Fling-Site.com, is a resource for guys who are interested in casual sex sites online and want to know how to navigate these sites or how to have a fling. We’ve found that there are a few tricks that have worked for us over the years, and we’re going to pass those onto you, because frankly, we like talking about it and this project was a lot of fun to work on. It’s not as if hooking up with girls on fling dating sites was a terrible burden to us or something. So if you’re interested in knowing how we did it, then this is the guide for you.