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Most guys are under the erroneous impression that they need roll out the red carpet for every girl they meet in order to get laid. Most of the time they’re wrong, and if they’re younger guys, like us, then they’re really wrong.

More and more women are ditching the whole relationship thing for one-off hookups and so should you. You have your entire life ahead of you to find the woman of your dreams and make babies, if that’s what you want to do. Sure, there’s some girls out there that prefer relationships over casual sex, and there’s some guys for them who do too. But if you’re looking for casual flings, the place to go is online dating sites.

Women love online dating sites. Why? Because things end up getting complicated when girls sleep around in their social scene. Casual dating online has become a major industry because girls like the control they have over the selection process. Unfortunately, even when women don’t practice monogamy in their sex lives, they do tend to be monogamous when it comes to the best fling sites, and that ends up meaning that they all congregate on one of three major sites.

What do the casual sex sites that have no real women on them do? They employ automated chatbots and employees to string you along until you’ve paid for their premium service, and then you never get laid.

So what our group of three guys tested around 70 online sites from all corners of internet to find out which ones were the best, and which ones were sausage fests or scams. We developed a metric to rank each fling site and created a resource for guys like you who were interested in getting laid online. Further, if you want more information and tips on how to have a fling, we’ve got some good tips for you that have worked well for us over the years.

Our fling sites reviews will try to help you find the best fling sites online, while showing you what to look out for in a bad site that purports on the one hand to be a dating service, while on the other hand never delivering that service.

We tested over 70 sites with a group of three guys for over four months. We then aggregated the results to form a ranking system for the best sites out there on the internet for having flings.

We’ve also over the years have had some success with the ladies on these sites, at least the good ones. So we wanted to provide you with a 3 step guide that we found has worked for us.

Online fling sites are fun, easy ways to meet girls and hook up. No one there is going to scrutinize your life choices or tell you what you should be doing with your life. For younger guys they’re a perfect way to get a little life experience in sexual matters. But unfortunately, not all fling sites were created equally. Some are basically the sort of scams that have infested the entire dating site industry. So you need to be informed, and you need to know what to look out for when you decide to pay for a membership on these sites. Our guide will help you with that.

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